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Digital Advertising

iOT Marketing Media is designed for Small Business Entrepreneurs, Retailers and Merchants with their digital advertising needs. Small business advertising has changed to be more and more digital everyday.  Big Box retailers and Corporations are now very digitally savvy appealing to consumers on all devices and digital platforms.  The small business owner, must also do the same to keep up with what a consumer expects.  Today your website, social and digital presence is more valuable than ever.  Without knowing the constantly changing Google Search requirements, small business owners are losing customers on a daily basis.  WE have knowledge and experience that will deliver results for your business.

Google Search Compliant for SEO

Are you Google Search Compliant to maximize Search Engine Optimization? Your website is your number 1 asset for new customers to find you.  If you have not kept up with changes with Google search requirements, you are loosing web traffic and new customers every day.  Keywords, Cornerstone Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), And brand content driving Google search traffic to your site and are crucial for long term web success.

Social Posting, Tagging, Meta Tags

We Utilize Social Posting, Tagging, Meta Tag descriptions, Facebook Ad Platform campaigns, Google Adword campaigns and more to get you more customers.  We utilize our sister company advertising platforms as well My Coupon Genie & My Real Estate Genie for more consumer engagement with your products and services.

Website Development with Marketing Campaign Integration

So many times when reviewing a website or advertising campaign, we find that the digital properties are not aligned or that the digital campaign message does NOT MATCH the content on the website. This substantially increases your “BOUNCE RATE”  and decreases your GOOGLE ranking.   We emphasize the importance of a Google Compliant website so you are not getting penalized to receive Google Search traffic.  We then align your advertising campaign to an clear concise message on each landing page.  This is called Cornerstone Content which is also crucial to getting MORE Google Search results.

Mobile App Development

iOT Marketing Media has been developing Mobile applications since 2010.  We have an established developement team that can integrate any Mobile function available in IOS and ANDROID mobile apps.  Mobile app capability has dramatically improved in the past 5 years delivering messaging and local data that other mediums can’t produce.  Mobile consumer engagement and ROI is the highest over any other advertising medium.

Specialty Ad Campaign Pages

In conjunction with special ad campaigns, we build and host a special webpage just for your ad campaign.  This allows for us to quickly manage an ad campaign and convert leads or sales without the expense or time lost in updating pages on your website

SEM Digital Advertising Platforms with Established Reach

Our advertising roots started with My Coupon Genie and expanded with My Sign Genie & My Real Estate Genie.  We understand advertising from a local level and know how to reach your customers.  We have accumulated over 48,000 subscribed members in the last 4 years and are growing members every day.  Having these established digital assets at our disposal, we often have a clear advantage over our competitors.

Digital Advertising Agency for Small & Medium size businesses

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