Why iOT Marketing Media for your Digital Advertising Needs?

  • We are experience in Website Design & Digital Advertising with PROOF of results.

    So many times when reviewing a website or advertising campaign, we find that the digital properties are not aligned or that the digital campaign does NOT MATCH the content on the website landing page when a consumer goes to your website.  This causes the user to quickly leave your website and has an adverse affect on your Google ranking.  We emphasize the importance of a Google Compliant website so you are not getting penalized to receive Google Search traffic.  We then align your advertising campaign to an clear concise message on each landing page.  This is called Cornerstone Content which is also crucial to getting MORE Google Search results.

  • We are a smaller agency designed for small and medium size businesses.

    Many advertising agencies are not designed for the small business owner.  Neither is there pricing structures.  We have found most small business owners are completely frustrated with the advertising channels they have available to them at an affordable advertising budget.  Our average client is a successful business owner but still considered small from an agency client view and has a limited budget for advertising.  We can help you.

  • We own other IT Digital Advertising Platforms to get a larger distribution to potential customers.

    Our adverting roots started with My Coupon Genie and expanded with My Sign Genie & My Real Estate Genie.  We understand advertising from a local level and know how to reach your customers.  We have accumulated over 27,000 subscribed members getting new members every day.  Using both these properties as a bonus to your adverting campaign does bring you new customers giving us a clear advantage over our competitors.

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